The Flags of Honour Foundation is an endeavour to be a platform and
a bridge between the citizens and the martyrs’ families.

What We Do:

  1. Advocate concerns of the Armed Forces and veterans.
  2. Provide direct financial assistance to families of martyrs and veterans with particular emphasis on war widows, and provide financial aid for permanent housing for families of martyrs.
  3. Provide sustainable programs and build partnerships that address challenges in rehabilitation, employment, education, health and financial stability of families of martyrs.
  4. Educate and inculcate values of service and honour in the citizens of our country.
  5. Instill patriotism and responsible citizenship in the youth.
  6. Encourage volunteering and engagement in Nation building.

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The Flags of Honour Foundation ensures that the families of the martyrs do not endure alone, and attempts to be the beacon of hope and inspiration for all to join hands in saluting the heroes through their families.

Who we are

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