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Video Production

We all think making a video is expensive, time-consuming and doesn’t get you great outreach and ROI. Well, you’re wrong on all 3 counts, making a good video about your product/service/company isn’t expensive at all! It’s one of the least time-consuming marketing activities and it gives you tremendous results!

All our media production activities are individually tailored to our clients and we cater to all budgets, right from a bootstrapped startup to a large organization.

Effective video comes in three parts. Our video production company does it all.

Pre Production
Pre-production is that stage where you plan, procure, arrange, organize, discuss, finalize, rehearse, scout, negotiate, schedule, budget, cast, manage, meet, rig and prepare.

Scripting and Treatment
Shoot Scheduling
Location Scouting

Like a fine suit, we tailor-make video to your objectives. From solid research to the creative approach, from script to storyboard, we’ll handle everything.

Location Sound
Lighting Team + Equipment
Production Management
Art Direction
Styling and Makeup

Post Production
Post production is where recorded material is shaped, polished, packaged and comes to life. Post-production includes all stages of production occurring after shooting or recording individual program segments

Colour Correction
Sound Design
Motion Graphics
Dialogue Editing
Music Composition
Sound Mastering
Final Out

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